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We are the Waterloo and Wellington County leader in pond design, construction, and maintenance.

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Service & Selection

Are you looking for a pond you can swim in? Perhaps you’re interested in a pond you can stock with fish? Or are you looking for a pond with beautiful plants? St. Jacobs Landscaping offers unrivaled pond construction and maintenance expertise in Elmira, Waterloo, Kitchener, and Guelph!

Trusted Team of Pond Experts

Focusing on pond supplies and individualized counsel, our skilled team ensures the flourishing of your water sanctuary. Whether it’s selecting the finest aquatic life or managing water purity, our experts are equipped to guide you through the process.

To speak with our pond specialists, contact us or visit us at the Garden Centre.

Ponds & Pond Features

We can help you design and install a wide variety of ponds. From small fish ponds to expansive natural ponds to swimming ponds, we do it all!

Pond Customization & Maintenance

  • Fish Ponds
  • Aquatic Plant Ponds
  • Recreational Swimming Ponds
  • Ecosystem Ponds
  • Wetland Bog Gardens
  • Waterfalls & Streams
  • Bubbling Rocks
  • Custom Water Fountains
  • And more
  • Underwater Lighting
  • Filters & Skimmers
  • Pondless Waterfall Systems
  • Automatic Chemical Dosing
  • Rainwater Harvesting Systems
  • Wetland Bog Filter Systems
  • And more

Water feature hardware and lighting can also be equipped with remotes and timers or connect to your smartphone to be controlled with precision and ease.

Whether you choose to maintain your pond yourself or are looking for professional maintenance plans, we can help.

Talk to us about having your water tested, recommended water treatments, opening procedures, closing procedures, fish health, and filtration for your pond.

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